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Since working with Jena as my brand strategist, AMAZING things have happened in my business. Specifically she helped me step into who I REALLY am and what I want to deliver which is event marketing strategy.  She also helped me figure out how to charge what I am worth and the money is showing up!  I went from making 4 figures a year to having my first 6-Figure year! Sometimes we have to choose to invest in business development vs. just working in the business.  ~Kat Sanford, Kat Sanford Events •
Jena has been able to help me articulate what I wanted my business to be through her process and thus a powerful brand was born. Since then my credibility and visibility has exploded, not to mention the fact that my business has gone from low 6 figures to over half a million dollars annually.  A great looking brand not only got me noticed, but also gave me the confidence to charge what I am worth. When I look at being BRAVE in my business it is all about doing what it takes to get what you want and one of the things it took for me was to have clarity about my brand.   ~Michele Scism, Decisive Minds •

Jena has helped me gain clarity and focus in my business through her VIP days and mastermind AND not to mention a 364% increase in revenue over the prior year!  She has helped me strategize my message and put wheels on it so it can serve my customers and make money at the same time. She has taken  my creative, visionary mind and trained it to see a business model that can share my message with my prospective clients.  BRAVE shows up for me in stepping through those business actions that scare the bejeebers out of me.  Jena has totally supported me in those activities! -Donna HD,

I am an extremely happy client of Jena’s and have been for more than seven years. Her expertise and leadership in the area of brand strategy are unmatched. There is a unique brand within each of us, and Jena finds it, breathes life into it and empowers it. I keep Jena on retainer, because she is an integral part of the Live at Choice team. She has created the space for our clients to experience Live at Choice in a way that surpasses all others.    ~Belanie Dishong, Live At Choice •

Hi! I'm Jena Rodriguez

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I’m a Brand, Business and Brave Strategist and the founder of Brave Masters, Inc (previously Brand With Jena) who’s committed to boosting your brand clarity, catapulting your profits and unleashing your fullest potential as an entrepreneur. I teach service based business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities, and package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a money-making, world-changing brand. Is that YOU?

Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that the ONE thing needed to reach our fullest potential in life and in business is BRAVE.

Being brave is about saying YES without evidence, moving through fear, and being uncomfortable yet doing it anyways! By getting my BRAVE on, I was able to move from charging $89/hour to generating over $1 million in revenue over the last four and a half years. I’ve also helped my clients be brave and realize their value in their businesses, with several surpassing the multiple 6-figure mark and seeing revenue increases of 800% or more!

I’m not all business though! I am also a mom, wife, author, animal lover, travel seeker, artist, personal development junkie, Hulu binger and ocean lover. So join me and many other like-minded Brave Masters in my private FB group of entrepreneurs worldwide at and connect with me on my social!